Monday, May 20, 2013

Aminoprime Becuase Sometimes, Perfect Exercise and Diet is Not Enough to Achieve Your Physique Goals

Don’t Let Sub-Par Protein Utilization Rob You of the Body of Your Dreams.  The equation seems simple enough: resistance exercise + optimal protein intake = massive muscle growth potential. But in the real world, most people find themselves doing everything right, only to be disappointed with miniscule muscle growth. 

The answer is not another ten or twenty pounds on the bar. It’s not another ten or twenty grams of protein. The answer is giving your body the tools to do what it always wanted to do, but couldn’t: breakdown its entire protein intake into amino acids that can be assimilated and taken to the muscles for growth.

In order to properly break protein down into amino acids, molecules known as enzymes are required. This action must occur in the stomach and small intestine, because by the time food reaches the large intestine, it is too late for optimal digestion and uptake. This is where AminoPrime shines.
In a research study, results showed a measly 15% protein breakdown for a placebo, while AminoPrime registered a full 100% proteinbreakdown. On human volunteers, 4.5 hours after consuming 50 grams of whey protein, AminoPrime achieved an average of 11% more circulating amino acids in the blood than placebo participants. Specific amino acids, such as glutamine (45% increase) and arginine (150% increase), achieved far better results. (Reference - TPA Clinical Document)

The Effects of Arginine and Glutamine

Increases in serum arginine create a synergistic effect. Not only is your body finally receiving the protein building blocks it requires, arginine gives the added boost of optimizing nitric oxide levels. Arginine augments endothelial function, meaning it can dilate the veins, improve blood flow, and prevent against heart conditions. [1] Arginine is also well-known for its ability to enhance sexual function via benefits similar to those seen in popular drugs such as Viagra. [2] Finally, arginine is able to not only assist in muscle building, but to help with fat loss as well, so that the muscle you build can be lean. [3] This helps your body composition become ideally suited for tight six-pack abs.
Glutamine is a crucial amino and is conditionally essential, meaning the body needs it during times of stress. Glutamine is best known for its ability to repair the lining of the intestines, thereby stopping bacteria and toxins from crossing this barrier into the body. [4] A repaired intestinal lining also indicates better protein intake, leading to a continuing cycle of benefits originating from AminoPrime.

Relieving Discomfort

Before protein is fully broken down into amino acids, it first is sliced into peptides, or longer-chain molecules. These molecules are the source of discomfort when one consumes larger amounts of protein. For example, bloating, nausea, pain or gas can occur in this situation. AminoPrime helps the body quickly bypass the peptide stage so that rather than being stuck in the middle of uncomfortable digestion, the body can spend its energy getting the amino acids into the muscle so that they can assist in strength gains and improving your appearance.

AminoPrime: A New Type of Muscle Growth Aid
AminoPrime has been developed for the purpose of breaking down protein into its perfectly digestible components. Whether this is a supplemental protein powder (from whey or any other source), or dietary animal or vegetarian protein, AminoPrime will do the job and get you the results you desire.

Bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and active individuals of all types share one thing in common: they work hard for the purpose of achieving substantial goals, both for their athletic performance and for a stunning physique. So rather than being held back by your body not receiving the proper amount of amino acids, it’s time to unleash your massive potential and let AminoPrime work for you. 

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